Introduction to Social Psychology
Fall 2000, Psychology 315, Section 1, Dr. Lambert

Lecture: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon in Brown 118

Course Syllabus

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Information about your final grade:


The final course grades, posted below, already include two “adjustments” both of which work in your favor.  First, we have instituted a type of “curve” such that the grade cutoffs as printed in the syllabus (A+ = 97%-100%, etc.) are based on an average of the two highest point totals actually obtained in the class (Average = 199), rather than the highest possible score (206). Thus, we have in essence added 7 points to everyone’s score.  Second, we rounded up your research points, such that (for example) 4.5 credits are counted as 5.0.

In light of these two adjustments, we will not be able to make any further individual “adjustments” to your grade.  In particular, we will not be able to honor individual requests to bump your letter grade higher in the case of a “near miss” to the next highest letter grade. You know from this course how painful counterfactual thinking can be (e.g. gee, if I had only gotten ONE point higher….”), but we have to draw the grade cutoff somewhere! (If you think about it, no matter where you draw the line, there will ALWAYS be near misses.) Thus, please do not email either the TA or Dr. Lambert with such requests, as we will not able to accommodate them out of fairness to the rest of the students.  Thank you for your understanding.


Final Grade for Course—webpage version

(Includes information on all three exams, plus research credit)



Final Grade for Course—same as above, but in Excel

(may be easier to read than above, but you will need excel loaded on your computer to read)




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