Social Psychology 315

Fall 2005

Dr. Alan Lambert



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Powerpoint presentations—Fall 2005.


What downloading these presentations can, and cannot, do for you:


I am making these presentations available for students as a way of supplementing their own class notes.  Although it may be tempting to skip class and download these slides instead, this is not a good strategy for you, and you will get a very poor grade if you try.  This is because most of the substantive information for the course is NOT on these slides. Rather, it will be conveyed orally by Dr. Lambert, during class.  (As you will see, these slides often contain just a few words plus a graphic or two).  Hence, these slides should not, and cannot, be used as a substitute for attending class. 



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Update evening of September 1:  I have posted the actual PowerPoint file, rather than a webpage.  You can only read these files ONLY  if you have PowerPoint installed on your PC.  If you don’t have PowerPoint, simply go to any of the major computer centers on campus, and use one of their PCs and print from there. .


Introduction/method—chapter 2


Social Cognition—chapter 3—first set of slides

Social Cognition—chapter 3—second set of slides


Social perception—chapter 4—first set

Social perception—chapter 4-second set

Social perception—chapter 4—third set


The self—chapter 5—all three sets (M, W. & F lectures)


Need to justify actions—chapter 6 all slides


Attitudes—Chapter 7-all slides


Social influence—Chapter 8


Groups—Chapter 9


Interpersonal attraction—chapter 10


Chapter 11-pro-social behavior


Chapter 12—aggression—all

Note—it would be best to just download and printout this version, even if you have already printed out a previous version of chapter 12.


Chapter 13—stereotyping and prejudice


Module 1—all slides