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I am an assistant professor of Psychology and of PNP (Philosophy–Neuroscience–Psychology) in the Psychology Department at Washington University in St. Louis. My specialization is in Linguistics. In Fall 2006 I will be teaching Writing Systems of the World (L44 Ling 396) and a section of Introduction to Linguistics (L44 Ling 170D). I serve as the University College Coordinator for Linguistics and as the College of Arts and Sciences Linguistics Minor Advisor.

The Linguistics Lab is in Psychology 402B–C. I have also been working with Rebecca Treiman in the Reading and Language Lab on work supported by The March of Dimes (grant 12-FY03-40) and a National Science Foundation award under the title “Statistical Bases of Reading and Spelling”. I'm interested in computational and statistical approaches to language, particularly in the fields of phonology, historical linguistics, and the lexicon. My PhD dissertation in the Stanford Department of Linguistics explored how to statistically test the historical connections between languages. A few more specifics below and in my CV.

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