Open the program by double-clicking on either the icon for Quicktime Player or a Quicktime movie file.

Some basic rules for working with Quicktime Pro: Just about anything you do (copying, cutting, pasting into, deleting selections) must be SELECTED. this can be done by dragging the "IN" and "OUT" points (see next figure). Anything between the two points becomes selected.   The various tracks (video, sound, text, etc.) can all be manipulated independently; just be sure that the tracks you are not working with are disabled to prevent accidental manipulations or deletions.


    This is a more coarse type of editing and should only be used to delete large portions of the movie. If you only need to delete tiny portions of your movie, simply hitting the DELETE key will allow you to remove single frames (in the case of video clips).
  1. After making a note of the portion of the clip you want to remove, drag the "IN" and "OUT" points to mark the beginning and the end of the section to be deleted.
  2. Hit the DELETE key to remove the selected portion.


    Use this feature when you have two (or more) clips and you want to transfer a portion of one clip into the other.
  1. Go to the source movie that has the clip you want to transfer.
  2. Use the IN and OUT triangles to mark the start and end points of the clip you want to transfer
  3. Go to EDIT and select COPY
  4. Go to the movie that will receive the source clip.
  5. Use the mouse to drag the position diamond to the point where you want to insert the clip
  6. Go to EDIT and select PASTE

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