New in 2004: Psych/Lab for Windows XP!

The Psych/Lab (TM) software contains programs to run versions of classic experiments from Human Cognitive/Experimental Psychology. The programs allow some (but not too much) control over parameters of their operation, provide raw trial data in text files, include analysis programs to compute condition means, and they are free! There is also a program that allows one to run their own reaction time experiment.  The software has been in use since before 1990 for the Experimental Psychology course at Washington University, and in many other places around the world. You can use any of the programs for teaching or research, and you can distribute them to others for the same purposes but do not sell the software or otherwise use the programs or documentation for any commercial purpose without contacting the author first. The programs run fine on a wide range of different (PC) computers but you know that we cannot guarantee that they will work properly on your computer, or for your purposes (but they work on all of ours).

To learn more about the programs in general, click here.

To learn more about the specific experiments, see the section "Individual experiment programs" below.  Click on the name of an experiment and you can read about the software for that experiment.

Download Area

Here are quick links to everything that you can download.  Can't decide?  Get Psych/Lab for Windows.  It includes all of the programs and is easier to run than the individual programs.  And yes, it's free.

Psych/Lab for Windows XP

Psych/Lab for Windows 98 (and 95)

Individual experiment programs

Click on an experiment name below to read more about it. Click on "Experiment" to download the experiment program or "Analysis" to get the analysis program. All of these programs are included in Psych/Lab for Windows (above).

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