Music Theory III

Fall 2014

Prof. Robert Snarrenberg
Office: 107 Music Classroom Building, 935-5562
Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 1:00–2:30
Feel free to drop in when the door is open,
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Online Materials
Course Information

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Texts and Assignments

The Textbooks

Species Counterpoint
A Linear Approach to Harmony
A Linear Approach to Modulation
Transformations of Notes
The Rulebook Species Counterpoint Rules
Assignments Species Counterpoint Exercises
Readings in Salzer and Schachter
Salzer and Schachter Readings Progressions of First Species
Progressions of Second Species
Progressions of Third Species
Progressions of Fourth Species (part 1)
Progressions of Fourth Species (part 2)
Chord Prolongation
Harmonic Progression
Polyphonic Melody

Scores J. S. Bach, Prelude in C Major (WTC I)
J. S. Bach, Prelude in A Major (WTC I)
J. S. Bach, Prelude in B Minor (WTC I)
J. S. Bach, Two-Part Invention No. 10 in G major
J. S. Bach, French Suite No. 3, in B Minor